Produced Water Treatment

Produced Water Treatment Remove H2S and complex molecules from produced water with ClO₂.

ClO2 is an ideal biocide for use in tertiary produced water treatment applications, prior to reinjection or disposal.

The proven action of ClO2 on sulphide molecules makes it the ideal polishing agent to avoid the corrosion and safety hazards associated in dealing with H2S contaminated water.

The powerful oxidative action of ClO2 is also able to remove iron and manganese residuals which can act to plug downhole formations if not removed prior to reinjection.

ChloroKlean ClO2 systems are capable of being retrofitted, or introduced as an integral part of the PWT treatment train. Our ClO2 experts work alongside leading manufacturers of produced water reinjection systems and oilfield engineers in order to deliver systems that can perform effectively from day one.

Quick Fact: Chlorine Dioxide is highly effective against H2S, acting preferentially on this molecule over and above any other contamination present.

Produced Water Treatment

Technical Service

Our team work with your production chemists and safety engineers to deliver a system that can “plug in” to your existing treatment train.

Process Engineering

A complete multidisciplinary approach from FEED to implementation in order to integrate ClO2 systems into treatment process.

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