Innovation & Partnership

Your partners in developing ideas from the lab bench to commercial application.

Our Principle Manufacturer is a dynamic global business which has grown rapidly to become one of the world’s leaders in water treatment, hygiene and environmental care technologies.

We are proud of the reputation for innovation that our Principle Manufacturer in a market that is often dominated by traditional approaches. We recognise that effective solutions are often borne from ideas which originate from out with our organisation. Our Principle Manufacture has worked with some of the world’s leading research institutes as well as individual entrepreneurs to develop, license and commercialise leading edge technologies in our areas of expertise. They have successfully navigated a large number of products and technologies from the lab to commercial application in some of the world’s most demanding environments.


They have also actively developed a joint-venture and licencing partnerships in both technical development, and in the local manufacture and marketing of our key products and technologies. Knowledge and best practice is shared across our Global organisation to ensure the best possible levels of service are maintained at all times. Whilst regulatory and consumer priorities differ across the continents, Our Princple manufacturer are able to take elements of best practice learned in one jurisdiction  and apply it in another using the expertise of our local partners and associates

For entrepreneurs and research organisations, partnering with us will give your technology a global reach, whilst providing you with the security of a business partner that is not only experienced, but trustworthy.


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