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Avoid the safety and handling problems of peracetic acid, and reduce chemical costs.
  • CIP systems are often sanitised with strong peracetic acid doses, around 50mg/l. Peracetic acid can cause burns to skin and leaves a distinctive odour that is difficult to remove.
  • Between 1-5mg/l of chlorine dioxide can perform the same sanitising function as 50mg/l of Peracetic Acid, leaving surfaces disinfected and food safe. Unlike hypochlorite or chlorine gas treatments, ClO2 technology does not form hazardous chlorinated compounds that can taint produce.


  • ChloroKlean chlorine dioxide generation and dosing systems are suitable for all sizes of food process and bottling operations – from simple batch dosing systems through to duty/standby disinfection systems suitable for large dairy and bio-ethanol refining operations.
  • The low dose rate of chlorine dioxide, and the fully automatic nature of the dosing system ensures safety is considerably enhanced when switching to ClO2 based sanitation.

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